Pete Enwall

Pete Enwall

For over a decade, PETE ENWALL has entertained audiences throughout North Central Florida with his stylistic presentations of classic country music, the songs we all grew up on, the words to which many of us know by heart.

From Johnnie Cash to Hank Williams to George Jones, PETE’s wide variety of number 1 country hits appeals to a complete range of ages and tastes.

PETE has also captured the spirit of southern gothic troubadour Gamble Rogers. PETE re-tells classic stories told by Gamble and has entertained audiences of all ages with Gamble’s down home, nostalgic descriptions of ordinary people in humorous situations, folks who remind us of our own friends and neighbors.

Whether you know the words to the songs or not, you should be well entertained by traveling back in time to the simpler days of country music, so that for just an hour or two, you will feel warm memories flooding through your mind that take you home again.

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